Colleen Felgate is no longer operating a studio. She is working at various studios; YYoga, The Four Seasons and the new studio in Alpine – BearPaw Yoga Studio.

This is Colleens Schedule~

Sunday @  12:00 pm Core Fusion Yoga      @ YYoga
Monday @  9:30 am Core Yoga Flow           @ The Four Seasons
Monday @  6:45 pm Yin Yoga                        @ YYoga
Wednesday @  4:00pm Core Fusion Yoga  @ BearPaw Yoga
Thursday @ 12:15pm Core Fusion Yoga     @ BearPaw Yoga
Saturday @ 10:30am Core Fusion Yoga      @ YYoga
Saturday @ 12:15pm  Core Fusion Yoga     @ BearPaw Yoga                                                   Saturday @  4:00pm Stretch & Restore       @ BearPaw Yoga


Yin Yoga~ A static Style of yoga that involves long holds to target the fascial tissue. A meditative practice that involves breathing and releasing.
Core Yoga Flow~ A Yoga Flow style that includes Pilates like breath. The flow will target core areas to strengthen the muscles that support the back and shoulders as well as a stretch commonly tight areas of the body
Stretch & Restore~ A slightly faster version of Restorative Yoga allows students a more variety of poses to open and release tight muscles. The use of props are available for students to safely hold the stretches. Breathing and Meditation are also encouraged while practicing each pose.

Apres Yoga~ This style will offer the most options. It will allow students to choose what is ideal for them. The option to flow, to advance or deepen ones practice will be offered, while softer therapeutic options will also be encouraged. The student is asked to honour and respect their bodies needs for that day.
Gentle Hatha Flow~ A more active version of Hatha. A gentle flow throughout the practice to flush the body and improvement joint movement. A balance of both strengthening and stretching poses will be the intention.

Sign up at the various studios :                                                                                                YYoga ~                                                                                                                         BearPaw Yoga ~                                                                                         The Four Seasons ~ 604 935 3400

Contact Colleen at with any questions.