The intention behind YAMA YOGA is to embrace the joy of life, laughter and love with the ethical practices of YAMA (the attitude we have towards things and people).  YAMA begins the 8 limbed Path of Yoga, also known as the “Restraints” or the 5 external disciplines, which constitute the “great vow” of yoga. These are Non-Violence, No Stealing, No Hoarding, Truth and Respect.

Colleen Felgate embodies these intentions through her practices. She believes that with love, laughter, compassion and understanding that we can balance, stabilize and support each other.  We can help each other see and love ourselves for who we truly are.

Yama Yoga has grown out of the belief and experience that life can be imbalanced, unstable and uncertain yet through the support of community, colleagues, friends and family, we can not only appreciate our self worth, we can come into the light.