The Yama Yoga studio in the Alpenglow Lodge has closed. Colleen Felgate is now teaching at various studios in Whistler.

YYoga, The Four Seasons and the new studio in Rainbow – BearPaw Yoga Studio.

This is Colleens Schedule~

 Sunday @  12:00 pm Core Fusion Yoga       @ YYoga                                                      Sunday @ 1:15pm Power                               @ Yyoga                                                    Sunday @ 4:00pm Yin Yoga                            @ BearPaw Yoga                                    Monday @  9:30 am Core Yoga Flow           @ The Four Seasons                                Monday @ 12:00pm Core Yoga Flow           @ BearPaw Yoga                                      Monday @  7:00 pm Yin Yoga                        @ YYoga                                                  Thursday @ 12:00pm Core Fusion Yoga     @ BearPaw Yoga                                    Saturday @ 10:30am Core Fusion Yoga      @ YYoga                                                  Saturday @  4:00pm Stretch & Restore       @ BearPaw Yoga

YYOga is located in Function Junction behind Home Hardware. Check schedule online at http://www.yyoga.com or Drop ins welcome.

BearPaw Yoga is located in the Rainbow development just north of Alpine. Beside the Independent Grocery Store. Check schedule online at http://www.bearpawyoga.com or Drop ins welcome.

The Four Seasons welcomes locals to attend classes for only $15. Drop ins welcome or call at 604 935 3400.

If you are interested privates please email Colleen directly.